09 noviembre 2010

Viñetas políticas /political cartoons

Me gusta analizar la situación política actual en mis viñetas de prensa.
I love to analyze the political situation on my editorial cartoons.

Obama Obama faces humiliating defeat in mid-term elections – U see how much we need HEALTH CARE?


Spanish Govern thinks a plan B is not needed in case of the national economy gets worse. – A plan B? Absurd! Don’t you see I’m still looking for the plan A?

Blanco: “Zapatero can still win next elections” – LIVE! LIVEEEEE!

Mushrooms season (Spanish Govern and oposition, two dangerous mushrooms)

8th Spanish govern reform: – Mr president, the opositions is shooting hard against Rubalcaba!! – I know, I put him there.

Spanish President and wife: – 25% of the Spanish people sleep worse this year because of the crisis… uff, that’s worrying, isn’t it Jose Luis? – ZZZZZZZZZZ JJJJJJJ ZZZZZZZ

PP (main oposition party) takes 8 points of advantage to PSOE – And without training!

2 comentarios:

Carlos dijo...

Una gran batería, Santi :) Algunos son muy buenos.
Un saludo!

RuAn dijo...

jajajaajaj, xeniales, o Zapatero tenas que comer todas. Saúdos e apertas